Manufacturing capabilities


  • All types of mechanical machining with removal of chips (turning, milling, grinding, drilling, broaching, honing on machines with classic, NC and CNC controls)
  • Processing on machining centers and borers
  • All types of machining without removing chips (cutting, punching, bending on angular bendings, circular bending, straightening)
  • Gas cutting of sheets manually and mechanically (on machines with photoscopic guiding)
  • Forging
  • Welding (Gas, REL, MIG / MAG, TIG / WIG, EPP, GZ and EOT)
  • Heat treatment (isometric annealing, normalization, releasing, differential hardening, induction hardening, flame hardening, improvement, cementation, nitriding, ionic nitration)
  • Installation of different purpose machines
  • Overhaul of construction machines and components