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›› Happy Holidays  

IMK "14. oktobar" a.d. Krusevac wish Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all employees, former employees, our retirees, business partners and citiziens of the Rasina District.


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Dear customers and service users  

We are pleased to inform you that all agreements of IMK "14. oktobar" ad Krusevac are being executed with quality and by established deadlines.We are currently working on orders for our traditional customers...


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Association of the IMK "14. oktobar" Blood Donors  
Within the celebration of industry name day, in the hall of the House of Culture was held regular shares of voluntary blood donors. DDDK "14.oktobar” is celebrating 61 years...


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Congratulations  
Management of IMK "14. oktobar" a.d. congratulate the employees and their family members, retirees, former employees, associates and business partners the name day of the company and 92 year of existence and activity with wishes for continuity, successful work and good health.


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The magazine of IMK-14 Research and Development promotion (VIDEO)  

Within the celebration of the company’s name day was held a promotion of the magazine of IMK-14 Research and Development in mechanical engineering...


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Press Conference  

The name day of IMK 14. oktobar will be celebrated modestly, the director has spoken about the current situation...


Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› Delivery of bulldozer TG-120K  

IMK "14.oktobar" will deliver bulldozer TG-120CK for traditional customer "Srbijašume" Lumber Camp "Rasina", Krusevac. It is about continuity and as soon...


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The representatives of the "Tatra" company, Czech Republic, visited IMK "14. oktobar"  

After the presentation, the guests have visited all the production units and in detail have been informed about the production program and about the potential of the industry. The talks about the possibility...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› New jobs for the MB "Kolubara"  

By participating in the tenders announced by MB "Kolubara", IMK "14. oktobar" has had a job which worth is about 50 million dinars...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The 2th ordinary action of Association of Voluntary Blood Donors of "14. oktobar"  

The Association of Voluntary Blood Donors IMK "14. Oktobar" Krusevac, conducted its second ordinary this year's campaign of voluntary blood donation...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› IMK "14. oktobar" signed a contract with "Rembas"  

Within the arrangement of Krusevac public company "Gradska Toplana" and public company for underground coal exploitation "Rembas", Resavica on direct purchase of 20.000 tons of coal,worth 110 million dinars...

Author/source: The City Administration of Kruševac
›› Visit of "Libherr" representatives from Austria  

In the premises of IMK "14.oktobar" was held the meeting with representatives of the company "Liebherr" from Austria. The aim of the visit is to assess...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› 41st International Construction Fair "SEEBBE", Belgrade  

Invited by RCC Krusevac, IMK "14. oktober" was presented with eight companies from Rasina district on the joint stand...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The visit of the Bulgarian delegation  

IMK "14. oktobar" today was visited by the owner and director of the Bulgarian company TEHKOMERS BG LTD, owner and director of "HEM"company and representative of the German company BERTOLINA GmBH. After the presentation and tour of the factory...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Russian businessmen in IMK "14. oktobar"  

Within the residence of Russian entrepreneurs in Krusevac, was realized a visit to IMK "14. oktobar". The Russian delegation was headed by Nikolai Drozdov, president of the International Association for Ecology "TERRA VIVA". The discussions involve businessman Goran Djordjevic, representative of the internationa...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Preview of the new missile system LSRVM "Morava"  

Today in Nikinci, in the Testing service of weapons and military equipment of Technical Test Center, was presented a new, homemade, missile system - modular self-propelled multiple rocket launcher - LRSVM "Morava"...

Author/source: Ministry of Defence
›› IMK "14. oktobar": In the first half of the year projected profit of over half a million euros from the sale of serial machines (VIDEO)  

Realistic expectations are that in the first half of this year from the sale of serial machines earn more than 500 thousand euros, said at a press conference convened on the occasion of the delivery machine TG-120 to the public company...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› Marry Christmas  

Respecting the Orthodox customs, in the glory of the greatest Christian holiday - Christmas, CEO Miloš Isailović entered a Yule log in the administration building of industry.

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Happy Holidays  

IMK "14. oktobar" wishes Happy New Year and Cristmas Holidays.

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Visit of management of Chinese company to "14. oktobar" (VIDEO)  

The representatives of Chinese state company "China Tehnology Engineering Group" today have visited the Industry "14. oktobar "and " Prva petoletka " of Trstenik. The annual turnover of this Chinese company is 6 billion dollars and in Serbia...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› Presentation of crawler excavator BGH-250ST (VIDEO)  

In the presence of numerous guests, there was a presentation of the new excavator BGH 250-ST, which for the purposes of Mining Basin “Kolubara” was modified compared to...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The visit of Miroslav Lazanski  

The industry of “14.oktobar“ on 14th november 2014 has been visited by Miroslav Lazanski, the journalist and political commentator Miroslav Lazanski. After a short tour of the factory and introduction to the current situation...

Author/source: Politika
›› Delivered excavator BGH-250ST  

According to the agreement signed with the Mining Basin "Kolubara" for the delivered of two tracked excavator with hydrostatic drive, today has been delivered...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
››The visit of newly appointed Republic of Serbia Ambassador in India  

Newly appointed Republic of Serbia ambassodor in India, Mr Vladimir Marić accompanyied with chief Mr Bojan Bjelanović, visited IMK’’14.oktobar’’...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Visit of foreign delegations (VIDEO)  

Industry of machinery and components "14. oktobar"were  organized a ceremonial reception for the delegation" Strojmašinoservis "from...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› Greeting  

Management of IMK "14.oktobar" a.d. congratulates the name day and 91st anniversary to employees and retirees.

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Supervisory checkup of the integrated management system  

Decades-long work and experience in the field of implementation, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system has resulted in the verifing of...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Session of the defense industry BS IEM "Nezavisnost"  

IMK"14.oktobar"ad and the trade union "Nezavisnost" was the host to the Committee of the defense industry GS IER "Nezavisnost ", which consists of representatives of the Trade Union "Nezavisnost" from all company of the defense industry...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Association of the "IMK 14. oktobar" Blood Donors  

Within the celebration of industry name day, in the hall of the House of Culture was held on the fifth of six regular shares of voluntary blood donors...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The event "Days of Republika Srpska in Serbia"  

The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia organized a Business Forum of businessmen of  Serbia and Republika Srpska  within event " Days of Republika Srpska in Serbia"...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Signed contract with the Ukrainian company  

Traditional business cooperation with the Ukrainian company continues. IMK "14 oktobar "has signed a contract to supply underground...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Canceled the competition for the selection of the General Manager  

By decision of the Supervisory Board of IMK "14. oktobar ", is canceled the competition for the General Manager, published 08/13/2014 in the newspaper “Večernje Novosti” and on this website.

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› IMK "14. oktobar": The increase in placements and dremand for serial machines encourage  

In IMK "14.oktobar" in restructuring, today was held a press conference, where was presented business plan of the company...

Author/source:RTK Kruševac
›› Supervisory board of industry machinery and components IMK "14. oktobar" j.s.c. Kruševac in restructuring  

   in restructuring

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Domestic and foreign markets need IMK "14. oktobar" (VIDEO)  

Domestic and foreign markets need IMK ”14.oktobar“, beside the concluded contracts valued at over 120 million dinars...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› The visit of the Austrian company "Bicenta Project  

The representative of the Austrian company "Bicenta project" Mr. Wolfgang Klinger and President of Regional Chamber of Commerce of Kruševac...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› "Strojmašservis was visiting industry IMK "14. oktobar"  

After the initial negotiations at the 58th Fair of Technology in Belgrade, a delegation of Russian company Strojmašservis from Moscow, which included deputy president of the board of directors...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Sepro Mineral Systems Corp  

As a result of previous discussions and offers that are sent for production of welded constructions and sheaths valued at around...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Certain possibility to produce small tractors in the facilities of IMK "14. oktobar" (VIDEO)  

At the audience at the Mayor of Kruševac Dragi Nestorović, representatives of many local companies from Belgrade and Niš announced...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
››Visit "RMHK Trepča"  

In Kosovska Mitrovica at the level of general managers was held meeting between "RMHK Trepca" and IMK "14. oktobar "A.D. in restructuring...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Italian companies interested in business cooperation with companies of the Rasina district (VIDEO)  

The group of  Italian companies, represented by SAI j.s.c from Modena and Sai j.s.c from India, are interested in business cooperation with more companies from the Rasina district, primarily with Prva petoletka, Trstenik and IMK ”14. oktobar"...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› Visit of a delegation of " Strojmašservis"  

Once initiated talks at the 58th Fair of Technology in Belgrade, a delegation of Russian companies Strojmašservis from Moscow, where had been deputy chairman of the board of directors...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› 58th International Fair of techniques and technical achievements  

At the invitation of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Regional Chamber of Commerce of Krusevac, IMK "14.oktobar" was found among participants of the 58th International Fair of techniques and technical achievements...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Appointed Acting Director - General  

As the former general manager Dragi Nestorović assumed the position of Mayor, at today's meeting of the Supervisory Board for acting General Director of IMK "14 oktobar" was elected...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Defense Minister Bratislav Gašić visiting Kruševac  

Defense Minister of Serbia Bratislav Gašić visited today Kruševac, and on this occasion at the meeting at the City Administration, informed the mayor Dragija Nestorovića and the Board of Management and the union leadership of Industry IMK "14. oktobar"...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› Signed an agreement with the Chinese  

The agreement with the Chinese company "Xi An Sg Impg Exp Trading" was signed on Saturday 26 April. The contract is worth $ 970,000. It is the production of steel structures...


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The Chinese offer to IMK "14. oktobar" contract worth 15 millions Euros  

KRUŠEVAC – The Chinese Company "Xi An Sg Imp&Exp Trading" is willing to make a cooperation with IMK"14.oktobar" regarding to manufacture of steel towers and shafts and the total business value is esteemed over...


Author/source: Tanjug
›› Business Forum Serbia - Czech Republic  

The government-business delegation of the Czech Republic is visiting Serbia on 02/04/2014.. The delegation that is consisted of 50 business economic subjects, whose representatives are interested...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Happy International Women's Day - March 8  

Dear Ladies,
Please accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of Women's Day. May this and every other day be filled with happiness, love and care.

IMK  "14. oktobar"

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› International economic exibition "Expo - Russia Serbia 2014", 05-07. March 2014 in Belgrade  

In order to enhance economic cooperation and create conditions for new business contacts and strengthen the existing trade and economic relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Visit of the Minister of Defence Nebojša Rodić  

During the visit of Kruševac and this part of Serbia, the Defence Minister Nebojša Rodić, accompanied by the Mayor of Kruševac Bratislav Gašić, today visited the IMK "14. oktobar"...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Visit of General Director MB "Kolubara" (VIDEO)  

The industry today visited the General Director of MB "Kolubara" Milorad Grčić with associates, and Mayor of Kruševac Bratislav Gašić...


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Meeting at the Ministry of Economy  

The meeting which was held on 24.02.2014. were present in front of the Ministry Slobodan Tomović, advisor of Acting Minister of Economy, Mišela Nikolić Assistant Minister with associates, in front of the Privatization Agency Albina Kecman Šušnjar, Executive Director with associates...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Development of the Draft of the proposed contract on business and technical cooperation - Consortium  

The Working Group continues to work 19.02.2014. in drafting of the proposal on technical cooperation - the consortium, which member is General Director of IMK "14. oktobar" Dragi Nestorović...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Visit of Director "Bauman International Group"  

Upon receipt of the Mayor's cabinet, IMK "14. oktobar" visited the director of "Bauman International Group" Tatjana Fossvinkel with associate, director of the Center for the Promotion of Human Resources Slavica Mladenović and Head of Department for Investment...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Visit of the Ambassador of Iran  

In Kruševac was staying Iranian ambassador to Serbia Madjid Fahimpur.Upon receipt of the Mayor's Cabinet,His Excellency and his associates attended a concert of the Iranian group "Ava" in Kruševac Theatre. On receipt of the Cabinet were the General  Director of IMK "14. oktobar"...

Author/source: The City Administration of Kruševac
›› Fair of Agriculture and tehnological innovations - Veronafiere, Verona, Italy  

At the invitation of "MZ Consulting & Fairs" in cooperation with "Verona Fiere" the representatives of IMK "14. oktobar" conducted an official trip to Verona, Italy. A place of the meetings were Fairground in Verona, where, by pre-scheduled meetings...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The 111. International agricultural fair in Verona, Italy  

At the invitation of the organizers in Verona is General Director Dragi Nestorović, whom by pre-agreed protocol expects talks with representatives of companies with similar production programs...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Payment  

At a meeting held on 03.02.2014. in the Ministry of Economy, attended by Acting Economy Minister Igor Mirović, the factory's management and representative unions, agreed the payment of a minimum wage in the next week. On the next meeting...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› 14. OKTOBAR: Employees seeking three minimum wages     

For payment of "minimum wage", which amounts an average of 19,000 RSD per employee, it takes about 90 million RSD...


Author/source: Kurir
›› Memorandum of Understanding signed with PI "Mavrovo National Park" of Mavrovo - Republic of Macedonia       

Visit of Mr. Jakuposki Oner the Director of PI "Mavrovo National Park," with associates and signing of the Memorandum of Understanding represents the concretization...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Merry Christmas    

Respecting the Orthodox customs, in the glory of the greatest Christian holiday - Christmas, CEO Dragi Nestorović entered a Yule log in the administration building of industry.


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› IMK "14. Octobar": in 2014. with more optimism (VIDEO)   

In industry IMK "14. oktobar" do not conceal that the previous year, a year in which the company has marked 90 years of existence, was one of the most difficult in the history of the company...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› Happy holidays  

IMK "14. oktobar" wishes Happy New Year and Christmas holidays.

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Activities  

According to Section 5 from the conclusion issued by Republic of Serbia Government dated of Novembar 01, 2013. IMK "14.oktobar” conducted the following activities...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› The visit Turkish company “BAYKAL”  

After discussion, which were held at the City Hall, IMK "14. oktobar" visited the majority owner of the reputable Turkish company "Baikal" with associates and representatives of the company "Alpha" from Belgrade...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› 16. International fair of Commerce in Paraćin  

The Regional Chamber of Commerce Kruševac organizes on its stand IMK “14.oktobar” promotion of program “SAVE THE NATURE”...


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Investment Conference in Moscow  

At an investment conference, in Moscow Serbian Chamber of Commerce, to the potential investors will be presented 74 projects of local companies, institutions and local governments...


Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Press conference  

IMK” 14.oktobar” will present at an investment conference in Moscow its business plan.
IMK “14.oktobar“ will present at the end of this month at investment conference in Moscow its business plan in order to provide funds to start...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› 90th aniversary celebration of IMK "14. oktobar"  

To celebrate the 90 years of existence,  the celebration of the patron saint and the name-day of the company, today in the factory was held an opening ceremony at wich the First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and the Mayor of city of Kruševac were awarded...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Cultural Artistic Association "14. oktobar"  

As part of the Celebration – 90th anniversary  of IMK "14. oktobar ", in the lobby of the Cultural Center was held an...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Club of Voluntary Blood Donors  

As part of the Celebration – 90th anniversary  of IMK "14. oktobar ", in the lobby of the Cultural Center was held an...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Art club "14. oktobar"  

Opening of the exhibition of this year's Art Colony, today officially started celebration of 90th aniversary of IMK " 14. oktobar"...

Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Aleksandar`s Vučić visit  

State will help IMK "14. oktobar'' at finding a strategic partner till the end of the year.First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić during his stay in Kruševac...

Author/source: RTK Kruševac
›› Visit East Sarajevo  
General Manager IMK "14. oktobar" along with the Mayor and a delegation of businessmen....
Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Visit the Privatization Agency and consulting firm Faktis  
IMK "14. oktobar'' was visited by representatives of the Privatization Agency and representatives ...
Author/source: IMK "14. oktobar"
›› Fair Zrenjanin from 29.08 - 31.08.2013.g.  
IMK "14.oktobar" in cooperation with "BMD PRODUCTION" Ltd. participating in the Fair Innovation, cooperation and entrepreneurship "INOCOOP 2013th" This fair is traditionally for the fourteenth time in Zrenjanin ...
Author/source: IMK "14.oktobar"
›› Industry "14. oktobar "and HBSGmbH signed a technical cooperation  
Industry IMK''14. oktobar'' and HBSGmbH German company signed a contract in Kruševac on business and technical cooperation, which includes the joint production and winning environmental technologies....
Author/source: Zoran P./IMK "14.oktobar"



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